MeetAir - Flutter Video Conference App for Android And iOS

Stay in touch! Free online video conference, video meeting, academic learning, online study and MeetAir for Business for effective collaboration.

MeetAir App Features

Check the most amazing feature which you may feel as advantage of this app.

Multi Usable Interface

We make app for all type of users.So we take care about UI/UX to give better experience.

Easy Customize

if you have basic programming knowledge then you can easily customize any of features as per your requirement.

Bug free Code

Every release we test app by our experience tester so that you can be free from any hassle.

User Analysis

Analytics is very important for each and every business.Check visitor analytics from admin panel.

Perfect Development

We have more that years mobile app development.We can ensure better & qualified development for app.

Extreme Security

Security is the most and common issue for App.Highly focus can be the great solution.

Why You Purchase the MeetAir App

Hope you will be satisfied by our most amazing & importation.Please check bellow core features

Regular Update Feature

We are continuously workings on update to add new features and fixing bug, issues and improvement.


user friendly UI may engage more user to your business..

24/7 customer support

Dedicate customer support can help you to assist if any issues.

A Perfect Meeting App creating stunning & Engaging online Experiences.

Build online communication more easier by a Stunning App.



A single can can fill all of Platform.Cause we use flutter which is supported for Android, iOS.And user can host & join meeting form web also.



Dedicate customer support can help you to assist if any issues..

Designed For All Label Users

User friendly UI is most important to each and every label users.

  • Create & Join Meeting
  • Show Meeting History
  • Update Setting & Profile.
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Web Based

User can host and join from we if they are not able to come through app..

Host & Meeting

Host & Meeting

Hosting meeting from web.Then you can share invitation URL by 100+ social profile.

Join Meeting

Join Meeting

Join Meeting from web, Which you have got by invitation from you friends, family and teacher.

SEO Optimizer

SEO Optimizer

SEO and OpenGraph is ready.You can update OpenGrap & backdrop image from Control Panel.

Need video guide?

See video tutorial from our official YouTube Channel.

enjoy the free video now.

Simple & Beautiful Interface

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